Our Core Values

KNOWLEDGE: NTrust Wealth Management is committed to staying abreast of the rapidly changing world and using our knowledge to help you achieve your goals. We back up our commitment by fully endorsing and sponsoring regular, ongoing continuing education and training for each member of the NTrust Wealth Management team.

INDEPENDENCE: Independence lies at the core of our value system and wealth management process.  As independent wealth managers, you can feel confident the recommendations we make are based in your best interest, without pressure to promote proprietary products or strategies.

SERVICE: We recognize that you have many choices when you make a decision to engage a wealth management firm. An unstated expectation is that service will be outstanding, and this belief was one of the driving factors behind the creation of NTrust Wealth Management. Our entire team is committed to you and your families or businesses to provide you superior service.

LEADERSHIP: At NTrust Wealth Management, we strive to give you clear and straightforward guidance. We work side-by-side with you to develop, implement, and review customized financial plans and investment strategies that target your specific needs and goals. We understand that there is much noise and hyperbole in the market place, so we work hard to clarify and focus you towards your goals.

INTEGRITY: We believe in doing what is in your best interest—always. Everything from the basic advice we give to the fee structure we use is open and transparent. You will always know and understand every aspect of our relationship.

TRUST: Everything ultimately comes down to trust. A successful relationship between advisor and client hinges on this one basic value. Trust is earned and retained by our team members working on your behalf each and every day. Your trust in us is our greatest compliment.