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January 2019

  • How Much Risk Can You Take?
  • Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2018
  • Don't Delay: The Potential Benefits of Starting to Save Now

February 2019

  • Hidden Gem: HSAs in Retirement
  • Tax Scams to Watch Out For
  • Know Your Mutual Funds

May 2019

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: What's in the Deal for Investors?
  • How Does the Federal Reserve Affect the Economy?
  • How to Recover from a Mid-Life Financial Crisis


January 2018

  • How Much Risk Can You Take?
  • Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2018
  • Don't Delay: The Potential Benefits of Starting to Save Now
  • What can I do to crack down on robocalls?

February 2018

  • What's Your Money Script?
  • Deducting 2017 Property Losses from Your Taxes
  • Don't Wait to Ask Aging Parents These Important Questions
  • Why is it important to factor inflation into retirement planning?

March 2018

  • Due Date Approaches for 2017 Federal Income Tax Returns
  • Weathering the Storm: Are You Prepared?
  • College Saving: How Does a 529 Plan Compare to a Roth IRA?
  • How does working affect Social Security retirement benefits?

April 2018

  • Government Report Details Household Finances
  • The Standard Deduction and Itemized Deductions After Tax Reform
  • Four Points to Consider When Setting a Retirement Income Goal
  • What are some tips for creating a budget and sticking to it?

May 2018

  • Dividend Investing: Small Payments Can Boost Returns
  • Quiz: Can You Answer These Social Security Benefit Questions?
  • The College Landscape After Tax Reform
  • What are the gift and estate tax rules after tax reform?

August 2018

  • Have You Made Any of These Financial Mistakes?
  • What is the federal funds rate?
  • Can the federal funds rate affect the economy?
  • What is the federal funds rate?

September 2018

  • What to Do If Your Term Life Insurance Policy Is About to Expire?
  • Take Charge of Your Student Debt Repayment Plan
  • What are the new rules for 401(k) hardship withdrawals?
  • Should I enroll in a health savings account?

November 2018

  • The Tech Sector Could Be Dominating Your Portfolio
  • Infographic: Financial Lessons from Football
  • Ten Year-End Tax Tips for 2018

December 2018

  • What Happened to Your Money?
  • Hybrid Funds: Balanced, Lifestyle, or Target?
  • Reviewing Your Estate Plan


January 2017

  • Medicare and Medicaid: What's the Difference?
  • Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2017
  • Growth, Value, or Both
  • How can I pay off the credit card debt I racked up over the holidays?

February 2017

  • Tax Tips for the Self-Employed
  • Grandparents Can Help Bridge the College Cost Gap
  • Can the IRS waive the 60-day IRA rollover deadline?
  • What's the difference between a direct and indirect rollover?

March 2017

  • Why Diversification Matters
  • Why a Life Insurance Claim May Be Denied
  • How can I prepare financiallly for stormy weather?
  • What are some tips for creating a home inventory?

April 2017

  • Four Ways to Double the Power of Your Tax Refund
  • Converting Retirement Savings to Retirement Income
  • Spring Cleaning Your Finances
  • What are bond ratings?

May 2017

  • Is Smart Beta a Smart Strategy for You?
  • Tax Benefits of Homeownership
  • Is It Wise to Trade Your Pension for a Lump Sum?
  • What is an ERISA fiduciary?

August 2017

  • Working in Retirement: What You Need to Know
  • Test Your Investing IQ
  • Kickstart Your College Fund with a 529 Plan
  • How do the economic milestones of young adults today compare with prior generations?

September 2017

  • What's the deal with the website Equifax has set up for consumers?
  • What is TrustedID Premier?
  • What other steps can I take?
  • How can I get more information from Equifax?

October 2017

  • Company Stock and Your Portfolio: Keep Your Eye on Concentration Risk
  • Managing Debt While Saving for Retirement
  • Examining the Taxpaying Population: Where Do You Fit In?
  • Is the Social Security Administration still mailing Social Security Statements?

November 2017

  • What You Can Do with a Will
  • Ten Year-End Tax Tips for 2017
  • Five Myths About Group Disability Insurance
  • How much money should a family borrow for college?

December 2017

  • Questions to Ask Before Buying That Thing You've Always Wanted
  • Demographic Dilemma: Is America's Aging Population Slowing Down the Economy?
  • It's Time for Baby Boomer RMDs!
  • What can I learn from looking back on my financial situation in 2017?


January 2016

  • Assessing Portfolio Performance: Choose Your Benchmarks Wisely
  • Estate Planning Strategies in a Low-Interest-Rate Environment
  • Are There Gaps in Your Insurance Coverage?
  • I'm thinking about storing financial document in the cloud. What should I know?

February 2016

  • Changes to Social Security Claiming Strategies
  • Filing Your 2015 Federal Income Tax Return
  • Quiz: Which Birthdays Are Financial Milestones?
  • What are required minimum distributions (RMDs)?

March 2016

  • Rates on the Rise: Strategies for Fixed-Income Investors
  • Cost of Living: Where You Live Can Affect How Rich You Feel
  • Can You Get to a Million Dollars?
  • How Long will I have to pay for private mortgage insurance?

April 2016

  • Six Potential 401(k) Rollover Pitfalls
  • When Disaster Strikes: Deducting
  • Casualty Losses
  • What's New in the World of Higher Education?
  • What is the federal funds rate?

May 2016

  • Understanding Stock Market Indexes
  • Four Lessons Grandparents and Grandchildren Can Learn Together
  • Nearing Retirement? Time to Get Focused
  • How long should I keep financial records?

June 2016

  • Projecting a Happy Retirement
  • Debt Optimization Strategies
  • Common Financial Wisdom: Theory vs. Practice
  • Can I make charitable contributions from IRA in 2016

August 2016

  • Investors Are Human, Too
  • Be Prepared to Retire in a Volatile Market
  • Understanding the Net Investment Income Tax
  • Should I pay off my student loans early or contribute to my workplace 401(k)?

October 2016

  • Earnings Call: A Closer Look at Financial Reports
  • Ten Year-End Tax Tips for 2016
  • Top Financial Concerns of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials
  • What are my health-care options if I retire early?


January 2015

  • Healthy Resolutions Can Pay Off (Literally)
  • No Matter What Your Age, Your Social Security Statement Matters
  • All About IPOs

February 2015

  • Key Numbers for 2015
  • 10 Financial Terms Everyone Should Know
  • Should Life Insurance Be Part of Your Retirement Plan
  • Should I be worried about a Federal Reserve Interest rate hike?

April 2015

  • Retirement Withdrawal Rates
  • When Your Child Asks for a Loan, Should You Say Yes?
  • How Does Your 529 Plan Stack Up Against the Competition?
  • I owe a large amount of money to the IRS. Can I pay what I owe in installments?

June 2015

  • It's Complicated: Money and Happiness
  • Planned Charitable Giving
  • Millennials vs Boomers: How Wide Is the Gap?
  • Are stock dividends reliable as a source of income?

July 2015

  • What's New in the Housing Market for 2015
  • Five Steps to Tame Financial Stress
  • Prepaid Funeral Arrangements Can Have Grave Consequences
  • What is the Roth 401(k) five year rule?

August 2015

  • Financial Mistakes People Make at Different Ages
  • Five Ways to Manage Risk in Your Retirement Savings Plan
  • The Cost of Credit
  • What return are you really earning on your money?

September 2015

  • Correlation and Portfolio Performance
  • Six Life Insurance Beneficiary Mistakes to Avoid
  • Taxes, Retirement, and Timing Social Security
  • I've recently changed my legal name. Do I need to change my name on my Social Security card?

October 2015

  • Six Common 401(k) Plan Misconceptions
  • 2015 Year-End Tax Planning Basics
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Opening a 529 Plan Account
  • My employer now offers wellness benefits as part of its employee benefits package. But what are they?

November 2015

  • Don't Forget About Year-End Investment
  • Think Twice Before Counting on a COLA
  • Dealing with Medical Billing Issues
  • How do I change or revoke a will?

December 2015

  • When a Saver Marries a Spender, Every Penny Counts
  • Give Your Retirement Plan an Annual Checkup
  • Periodic Review of Your Estate Plan
  • What is a phased retirement?
  • Are federal employees eligible for phased retirement?